I am a 17 year old high school dropout who has been vegan for one year and hasn’t had a biology class since 9th grade. Clearly, I have a lot of authority on veganism.


While I may not have much experience or knowledge on the subject of being vegan, I do possess the uncanny ability of a Millennial (that is, my technologically advanced generation) to navigate the depths of the internet. Googling (another ability Millennials possess: verbing, or turning nouns into verbs) has become a great pastime of mine, and there is a lot to discover about the wonders of being vegan. For those of you who do not find yourself with oodles of time to delve into veganism via research articles, blog posts, books and recipes, I hope you will use this blog to find vegan resources quickly and with ease.

On this blog, you can find:
Research on why being vegan is important
How to respond to vegan skeptics
Vegan recipes
Book and film recommendations for vegans
Other vegan resources




With great vegan power comes great responsibility.


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